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My March Reading Wrap-up & Book Challenge Non-Progress (aka, How I’m Managing My Readers Guilt)

When you're an author working on your next book or books (in my case a sequel to The Travelers, a children's book relating to a unicorn, a ghost story, a spec fic/scifi book) and also a mom, wife, resistor, sometimes bookstagrammer and daily blogger with a relatively demanding day job as a medical editor, finding time to read can be hard.

If You’re Going to San Francisco…10 Reasons You Must Go to Green Apple Books

On the day we arrived in San Francisco my friend said, what do you want to do? My response? Go to Green Apple Books! Here's why I love this place and why anyone visiting San Francisco needs to make sure this is part of their visit.

T-shirt Tuesday: Unicorns – True or Real?

Today's T-shirt Tuesday is actually not inspired by one of my husband's t-shirts. However, he did buy it for my daughter because of her rather large obsession with unicorns. I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually think they're real. But, she may...and maybe she's not completely wrong...

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