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Thankless for Thanksgiving, But in a Good Way

Thanksgiving is the combination of two simple words: thanks and giving. However, have you ever noticed how the tradition of giving thanks, which should be selfless, tends toward the self-centered?

Food for Thought Part 1: Eating and Reading

Did you know a study indicated that if everyone became a vegetarian we could solve world hunger? Kind of interesting, huh? OK, calm yourselves meat-lovers, I’m not trying to take away your turkey right before Thanksgiving and the thought of Tofurky is unappealing even to me. However, I did find this little tidbit of scientific information compelling. It made me me think about food, hunger, books and reading. I wondered if anyone has ever studied the relationship between food and reading. So, I went searching...

Journey in Thanksgiving: What’s the Real Story?

Thanksgiving is coming soon. For many of us, it's usually about turkey and pie. Of course, this year, it's also about super awkward conversations and silences as we all try avoid talking about the giant orange elephant in the room. (No insult meant to real elephants. You're adorable). We all know what we learned in school about Thanksgiving. The pilgrims and the Native Americans come together, two very opposite cultures, and break bread peacefully. But this made me wonder - what is the real story of Thanksgiving? Here are common misconceptions about Thanksgiving I found.

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