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Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Go To an Author Event (Even If You’re Not That Into Books)

Bookstore author events might be the best activity you're not doing. For a fun Friday five, here are 5 reasons you should go to more author events.

Friday Fun: Bookstagramming – A Story of Art and Mockery

Prior to taking the plunge into the world of being a published author, I was unfamiliar with many things - the publishing industry in general, book marketing, social media, etc. Now things are different. I've started to understand the social in the social media. It's also opened up my creative side, beyond writing, in that I've become a wee bit obsessed with bookstagrams.

How to Be an Author (Spoiler – It’s About More Than Writing)

First, you write a book. Then, you try to get an agent or you try to get a publisher. Or you try to get both. Let's say you're successful. That feels amazing. But, unless you're one of the lucky few who lands a big-time publisher who thinks you are worthy of a mass marketing campaign, being a published author doesn't mean you just get to write for the rest of your life and watch the checks roll in. Here are a few lessons on being an author (both from my experiences and the experiences of others.)

Journey in Book Publishing – Advice on the Road So Far

My first book, The Travelers, just came out on October 2, 2016. The journey to this point took a long time and, along the way, I learned several important lessons. While I’m still on this path of publishing, I wanted to impart the wisdom I’ve gained on this crazy trip so far to help any other aspiring authors trying to find their way through the land of publishing. (Alright, I will dispense with the traveling puns now.) Best Advice I Was Given – What’s the harm in trying? Here’s the truth, it terrified me to let anyone read my book, let alone send it to publishers.

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