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Monday Blog: Women’s History Month! Let’s Talk About Women Writers Who Made History!

Women's History Month! Another reason to love March! So, let's talk about women, specifically women writers! I know I'll probably write tons of blog posts on women this month. But, let's start with the obvious, since I'm a writer (The Travelers), obviously I love women writers. Here are some pioneers that you should read, including books you probably know and have read and lesser known works you might want to check out.

Journey in Teen Read Week: Famous Teen Authors

It’s Teen Read Week from October 9-15! (Never heard of it before? Me either! I just learned about it and I think it’s AWESOME!) So awesome, I thought it deserved a little bloggy time. Therefore, in honor of Teen Read Week, I thought it might be fun to highlight some authors you may not have realized were mere teenagers when they wrote their now super famous books.

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