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Food for Thought Part 2: Being a Gluten Free, Vegetarian on Thanksgiving – How’d I Get Here? Oh Yeah, Through Books, Of Course! (Longest title ever)

You see that big, glistening, juicy-looking bird? I can’t eat that. You see that stuffing? I can’t eat that either. That pie? Nope. So, how does a gluten free vegetarian (technically pescatarian as I will eat seafood, but try to limit it) survive Thanksgiving then, you ask? It's all about the side dishes and remembering why I did this to myself in the first place.

Food for Thought Part 1: Eating and Reading

Did you know a study indicated that if everyone became a vegetarian we could solve world hunger? Kind of interesting, huh? OK, calm yourselves meat-lovers, I’m not trying to take away your turkey right before Thanksgiving and the thought of Tofurky is unappealing even to me. However, I did find this little tidbit of scientific information compelling. It made me me think about food, hunger, books and reading. I wondered if anyone has ever studied the relationship between food and reading. So, I went searching...

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