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How to Be an Author (Spoiler – It’s About More Than Writing)

First, you write a book. Then, you try to get an agent or you try to get a publisher. Or you try to get both. Let's say you're successful. That feels amazing. But, unless you're one of the lucky few who lands a big-time publisher who thinks you are worthy of a mass marketing campaign, being a published author doesn't mean you just get to write for the rest of your life and watch the checks roll in. Here are a few lessons on being an author (both from my experiences and the experiences of others.)

Journey in Book Publishing – Advice on the Road So Far

My first book, The Travelers, just came out on October 2, 2016. The journey to this point took a long time and, along the way, I learned several important lessons. While I’m still on this path of publishing, I wanted to impart the wisdom I’ve gained on this crazy trip so far to help any other aspiring authors trying to find their way through the land of publishing. (Alright, I will dispense with the traveling puns now.) Best Advice I Was Given – What’s the harm in trying? Here’s the truth, it terrified me to let anyone read my book, let alone send it to publishers.

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