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San Francisco ballet

The Real Deal About Art: Surprising Reasons You Should Support the National Endowment for the Arts

I recently went to the San Francisco ballet and wrote a blog about it. What I didn't mention in that blog was that right after the ballet ended, we headed over to a protest across the street. And in the sea of black ink on poster board, I realized something important was missing...

Traveling with The Travelers: San Francisco Edition – Day 2 – Stories in Motion

If you're a reader or a writer or a watcher of theater or of television. Even if you like music, then you like stories. And, you know that stories can take many forms. As a writer (see The Travelers), obviously I like the written word. But I can fully appreciate that a story doesn't need to be made of up letters on paper, which is one of the reasons I like all types of art forms, including the ballet. And, yesterday, my best friend took my daughter and I to see one of the best in the country - the San Francisco ballet.

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