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If You’re Going to San Francisco…10 Reasons You Must Go to Green Apple Books

On the day we arrived in San Francisco my friend said, what do you want to do? My response? Go to Green Apple Books! Here's why I love this place and why anyone visiting San Francisco needs to make sure this is part of their visit.

A Tarot Reader and a Skeptic Walk into a Magic Shop…

I took several wrong turns before I found it, tucked away just off a busy intersection next to a restaurant selling chicken, a place called Sticks and Stones. It's not necessarily where you expect to find a magic shop or, to be more accurate, a spiritual store. Although where do most people expect to find a store like this? The moment I walked in to the cozy shop, it smelled appropriately of earthy incense...

T-shirt Tuesday: Unicorns – True or Real?

Today's T-shirt Tuesday is actually not inspired by one of my husband's t-shirts. However, he did buy it for my daughter because of her rather large obsession with unicorns. I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually think they're real. But, she may...and maybe she's not completely wrong...

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