Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Since I live in Northern Virginia, I get to 20161103_142945experience fall in it’s full glory. I can easily toodle (my family’s made-up word for wandering around in a car with no real purpose or aim) through the Blue Ridge mountains and enjoy a variety of vibrant colors rolling in every direction. Or I can simply walk around my neighborhood and hear the sound of children jumping and rolling inside large piles of leaves, their cheeks flush in the cooling air.

The leaves are almost done (ready for the pun) falling now though and the holidays are coming. Even if fall doesn’t officially end until December, unofficially it’s nearly time to say goodbye. I’m sad it is coming to a close, but I look forward to it returning again. And, in a way that feels like a larger metaphor at the moment. Therefore, because I like to write and stuff (which is a good thing considering I’m a writer), I wrote a little poem to say goodbye to fall and included some pictures of how beautiful Northern Virginia is this time of year, because, you know, we all like pictures.

Return of Fall20161103_143408

The browning tinge
Of once green grass
The leaves of change
That changed too fast

The vibrant mix
Of all the hues
Now on the ground
Crunched by shoes

Darkness descending
Branches bare
Colors batted
By frigid air

Winter rushes in
With an ironic burn
And now we wait
For fall’s return