Guess what I’m doing tonight? I’m starting on New Year’s Resolution #1 – I’m reading book 1 of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Which is actually Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by the original name and was for some reason renamed in the US. No idea why. I’m sure some Harry Potter expert out there can tell me!)

If you read this blog, you’ll recall from an earlier post that I’ve never read the series before. I actually thought about reading them backwards, starting at the last one, just to be different. But, I’m going to take the traditional route.

There are some “rules” to reading these books, since they are my daughter’s precious treasures. Honestly I’m shocked she’s letting me even look at them. One of her more obscure rules: don’t bend the book open too far (she hates that). Got it, Ella. No book bending.

So, tonight, I’m going to cozy up with this:


And this:

20170105_094648 v2.jpg

And spend my night reading! Can’t wait!!

Other weekend plans?

Take down the book-mas tree. (Waaahhh. I’m very sad about this.) My husband suggested we turn it into a Valentine’s Day Tree. I debated this, but I kind of want my living room back. And, of course write, write, write. (Did I mention I’m going to write?) I’m so close to finishing the first draft of book 2 of The Travelers. In the home stretch! Get ready alpha readers – I’m going to be sending you something soon!! If you haven’t read The Travelers book 1, get it soon so you can read it before book 2 comes out! 😉

Happy Friday!