I took an insane trip recently where I left Washington, DC at 6 am and flew to LA (a 4+ hour flight) and then took a flight home that same day. Other than realizing that was not one of the smartest decisions I ever made since it left me exhausted and loopy, I did get an excellent amount of writing and reading time in!

It made me think of the best places to read and write. Here are my favorites.

In bed

I love to read in bed (usually with my dog staring at me like this).


It is said that reading before you go to sleep is one of the characteristics of highly successful people. I don’t know how true that is, but I definitely enjoy reading before bed. It’s also said it’s supposed to relax and help you sleep. Instead I stay up late reading. Maybe I need to read more boring books.


My back porch is a lovely place to read on a nice day with a good breeze. Although, I enjoy reading anywhere outside. My goal this Spring is to go on more reading picnics. There are so many great parks in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, I need to start taking advantage of this!


A beach

I’m not much of a beach girl, but when I do get to the sandy shores it’s one of my favorite places to read. And if I went to a beach that had something like this, I might never leave it.

beach read.jpg

In the quiet corner of a coffee shop or bakery

It’s really nice to scoot into a cozy booth or chair at a local eatery and sip coffee or tea and nibble on snacks while reading.


A cozy couch with my dog

Of course there is something to be said for reading companionship. It’s really great to curl up on our couch in the reading/music room and have the dog snuggle up next to me. This one might be my very favorite.