Having a quiet, cozy place is essential for any reader. But sometimes in a hectic house it can be hard to find a hideaway where you can steal a few hours (or even minutes) of reading time. So unless you’re capable of reading amidst chaos, perhaps you need some help in the cozy reading nook department.

Here are some ideas for creating a book nook space for yourself! No hammer. No nails. Just some creativity and imagination. Isn’t that what books are all about?

1. Simple solution

Don’t have a lot of time to DIY yourself a book nook? Then the simplest way to make a cozy reading nook – just take a space and make it yours. Find a place in the house that is quiet, where no one goes – the basement maybe? And just make it comfortable. Add a rug, pillows, comfy seating, soft lighting and blankets. Designate that as your spot and tell everyone else to stay away.


2. Tent it!

Want to do something to make your reading area even cozier? Add a tent! They aren’t just for kids!

This is something you can easily DIY with wood poles or even PVC pipe, thick string and some sort of fabric as a cover. This website has 15 ways to make a DIY tent!

3. It’s curtains for you!

Similar to the tent, if you have a corner and some curtains, you can create a nook! Just attach a curved curtain rod to the ceiling and add the curtains. Add some pillows or a comfy chair and you’re all set.

4. Create-an-Alcove

There are two very natural places in a home for book nooks – a window seat and an alcove. Let’s start with the alcove. Don’t have one? That’s OK, you can create one just using furniture you might already have.

Simply find a corner and add or move a large piece of furniture, like an entertainment center, armoire, or bookshelf. Depending how thick the piece is you can set it flat against the wall or perpendicular to make an even bigger alcove. Then add seating!

If the back of your furniture is unsightly, don’t worry! Just cover it with peel and stick wallpaper that looks like fake brick. (Another great deal from target!)

5. & 6. No Window Seat? No problem!

Option 1: A great way to create a window seat is simply to find a bench, place it under a window with some pillows and flank it with bookcases. If you paint everything the same color it looks cohesive and sometimes even built in!

Option 2: Take a daybed and push it up against the window. Cover the mattress in thick fabric that  compliments the room. Add bookshelves on top of it against the walls. Make sure it’s all the same color and you have a window seat reading nook!


7. Convert a closet

This one is pretty simple, take the doors off your closet and then put a bench, twin bed, or day bed, depending on the size of the closet inside. Throw some cushions on top and there you go! You can even line it with shelves of books if you like or add curtains to make it even more private and cozy.

8. Under the stairs

Unused area under the stairs? Why not turn it into something beautiful? Depending on the space, this could be as simple as just adding a chair. Although, if you’re feeling ambitious, creating a space to shelve books would complete the book nook concept. Plus the area under the stairs would be a great and ironic place to read something like Harry Potter, wouldn’t it?

9. Take it outside

Do you have an old shed or maybe an under the deck area? Find another place for those gardening tools collecting cobwebs and convert it to a reading nook. A little elbow grease to clean it and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders!


10. You can take it with you!

Need a nook that is more portable? Maybe even if you created one space for yourself, they’d still find you…or maybe you just like to read in different places? Try a portable nook that you can pick up and move! Something like this convertible futon. Escape to a closet or a bathroom and cozy up inside it to read, until they find you!

convertable chair

Have ideas for other cozy reading nooks you can make anywhere? I’d love to hear them!