I love books! OK, that’s obvious. But I really do. I love to read them. I love how they look. I love how they smell. Having books around just makes me happy. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy when people show off their bookshelves (aka shelfies). Writing books is creative so why can’t storing books be creative too? It can and here are some of the coolest examples of creative bookshelves.

10. Hip Recycled Bookshelf.

If you’re into antiques or anything retro (I totally am), then this type of bookshelf is for you. This TV turned bookshelf is a smart way to reuse old technology. Plus it has the added benefit of not sending more material off to our garbage dumps. It also makes you look like you’re totally cool.

bookshelf i n TV 8

9. Frozen Earthquake Bookshelf

I call this the earthquake bookshelf because it looks to me like something that got jostled around during an earthquake and then frozen in time. The beauty of this piece is that it is artwork in its own right and, therefore, open to that kind of interpretation. Oh and it stores books!

bookshelf wonky 10

8. Music to My Bookshelf

Whoever decided to turn a grand piano into a bookshelf must be crazy. Crazy in love with books and music. This is a wonderful way to express a passion for books and music, which as far as I’m concerned are both versions of storytelling and combining them in this way is, dare I say it, artistic genius.

bookshelf piano 9

7. Framed Bookshelf

Bookshelves that make a decorative statement add a unique stylistic flavor to a house while also emphasizing books. This is such a clever way to shelve books, showing how books are indeed a form of artwork. I love it. It works on so many levels.

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6. Tree Hugger Bookshelf

These bookshelves brings the outdoors inside. These might not be the most practical bookshelves, but if you want a visually interesting bookshelf that people will talk about or if you love nature, this might be a bookshelf you’ll appreciate.

5. Swirling Bookshelf

This rustic, wheel-like bookshelf that hangs on the wall is very unique. It probably wouldn’t work in just any house. But, then again, an old TV turned bookshelf doesn’t work for every style either. That’s the fun of bookshelves. You can create them in your own stylistic image.

bookshelf swirly 7

4. It’s a seat! It’s a bookshelf! It’s a seat! It’s a bookshelf!

These clever circular bookshelves aren’t just beautiful, they also leave space for a seat. Add a window and they’d be the perfect combination of book nook and bookshelf. Plus, they are just downright beautiful in their simple design. I want one.

3. Man that’s Cool!

This whimsical bookshelf is shaped like a person. Who thinks of these things?  People who are way smarter, more creative and talented than me, that’s for sure. I love this “person forms books, books form person” concept. It’s much more meaningful and intelligent than just a bookshelf made into the shape of a human. If only the book person were also reading a book…

bookshelf man

2. Bookshelf of Books (Literally)

These bookshelves are the ultimate bookshelf for book lovers. They are literally made out of books. How I don’t have something like this in my house already is just crazy.

bookshelf made of books 1

1.  Trick of the Eye Bookshelf

This bookshelf is something you could wonder at for hours and not just because you’re searching for a book to read. It’s the pinnacle of modern art meets bookshelf. The visual movement of this 3D, geometric bookshelf has a museum-like feel. It’s beauty, form and function all rolled into one.

bookshelf trick of the eye 3