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November 2018

The Butterfly Effect, or How I Unexpectedly Ended Up in Dubai (A Travel Adventure: Days 1-2.5)

After a brief hiatus from blogging while I traveled, I'm back...with a blog about my unexpected stay in Dubai!

Weird, But True, Stories About Famous Authors: Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dic's life may just be stranger than his fiction....

In a TBR Funk…Bookworm Problems

Books that seem forever stuck on my TBR...and I'm not sure why.

Twitter Pitch Parties for Writers – How To Get Noticed in a Crowd

What's a Twitter pitch party?

Books to Fall for Before Fall Is Over

A recent weekend spent outside in a flurry of autumnal golds and reds got me thinking about books.

October Wrap Up: Ghost Trails, Unicorns, Stonehenge (Sort of) & Books!

Every month has its "thing." And October's "thing" is the things that go bump in the night. (It might be the best month ever.)

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