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Sunday Story Time of Traveling with The Travelers: The Mind of an Un-sporty Person Watching A College Sport

Here is what I am thinking as the ball barrels through the air spinning so fast it looks like a little wisp of color: I can't watch. No I have to watch. Quicker. Get there faster.

Journey in Sports: Pigskins and Paperbacks

I’m headed to a local high school football game tonight, the second one I will attend in a two week period. I went to my high school reunion in mid-October and channeled some Friday Night Lights action during the event. Although, for me, the highlight was the tour of the school, especially the library. You can tell because I took more pictures of it than anything else. Yes, my love of books manifests itself in strange ways. Today, I’m going to embrace football and “tackle” creating a list of top YA books featuring, you guessed it, football and things associated with it.

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