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Monday Blog: Bookish Accessories for Every Writer and Bookworm

Show your love of books and writing all the time with these great bookish accessories for every bookworm and writer!

Savvy Solutions for Bookworms: 5 Creative Ways to Store Your Books

I have a book problem that I have passed down to my daughter, who already has hoarding tendencies. That means we need some seriously creative storage solutions...

How to Make A Book-mas Tree Part 2: The Secret to Success

If you missed part 1 in this two-part series on how to make a book-mas tree (aka a Christmas tree made of books), you can find it on my blogs from last week. The first part was about how we rather hilariously and spectacularly failed on our first attempt and had to deconstruct the tree and start over. But, we finally did succeed! Here's the secret...

Journey into Art: Crafty Ways to Reuse Books

I despise clutter. I’m the opposite of a pack-rat. (Would that make me a trash-mouse?) Apparently, I have one exception to this rule: books. I’ve managed to amass several bookcases worth of books I just can’t seem to part with. Sometimes I wonder if I could do something more interesting with these books than to let them just languish in my basement. There is!

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