If you are a writer and/or consider yourself a bookworm, you probably love it when see a nod to books in your everyday life, such as a literary quote in a restaurant for example or on a t-shirt. Since I am both an author (The Travelers) and a bookworm, for my birthday, my family got me great bookish accessories, including a Shakespeare t-shirt with a great quote and leggings covered in Shakespeare quotes. I also received this typewriter purse:


So, of course, my bookish brain went straight to wondering what other clever bookish accessories are out there that I would like to own.

Here are my favorites I found (other than my great purse that I love!)

Book Inspired Jewelry

Bookish earrings and necklaces can be easily procured on places like Etsy.

Book Purses and Wallets

If you are a fan of the book purse, they come in many different iterations. There are literal book purses, where books or book covers are turned into purses or others similar to mine that mimic typewriters and keyboards. You could go smaller and do a wallet form as well.

Nail Book Art

Like manicures? Want to have the most unique nails that show your bookish spirit? Try nail art based on books.

Want to learn more about this? Check out this blog.

Book Skirts and Dresses

Books can also be great for clothes, including skirts, dresses or even bow ties!

Book Shoes

I must have these. And is it crazy that I think the Snow White shoes are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? Also, many of these shoes you can make yourself with an existing pair of shoes. There are tons of tutorials online.

Book Phone Covers

You can show your love of books on your phone by getting a book-inspired cover.

Book Home Accessories

Your home is a great place to show how your book love. There are many kinds of decorations that have a book theme to decorate your home.