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Wishlist Wednesday: Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Buying gifts can be stressful. If you're like me you fret about giving people the perfect gift. I like my gifts to be meaningful. Honestly, if someone makes a wishlist that's the best. But, not everyone does and if it's a wishlist available to multiple people, then you risk giving duplicate gifts. So how do you pick the best gift for someone?

Books Over Looks Blog Series: How Many Books Could I Get for the Cost of Those Sock Boots?

The Books Over Looks blog series focuses on how to encourage children and young adults, particularly girls, to look to books and reading to increase self-esteem and knowledge rather than appearances and material possessions. At some point as girls grow up, they become very aware of and concerned about their appearance. They start to derive self-esteem by how many likes they get on Instagram or the number of followers on Snapchat...

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