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You Might Need to Be Psychic to Find a Psychic: My Search for a Tarot Reading

I wrote a book about witches (The Travelers) and it includes magic, prophecies, tarot readings and such.You know, the things witches are made of. As I wrote the book, I did a little bit of research on the internet regarding tarot cards and their meanings. Beyond that, I just used my imagination. Now, I'm working on book 2 of The Travelers and I want to take my research beyond the internet. What better way than to find a real tarot reader, right? Totally easy, right? Wrong.

Journey in Food: Pizza – It’s More Than Just a Pie…(in honor of National Pizza Month)

Break out the napkins, parmesan and red pepper flakes because it is National Pizza Month. Why on earth is a blog focused on books and writing talking about pizza? Well, firstly, pizza is a great. I feel like that is reason enough. But, in case you need something more book-y, it’s also a main food group for one of the characters in my book, The Travelers. So, I thought an ode to the pie would be appropriate. As a former NYC resident... You need to understand that pizza is very important to me.

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