travelers-cover-finalI wrote a book about witches (The Travelers) and it includes magic, prophecies, tarot readings and such. You know, the things witches are made of.

As I wrote the book, I did a little bit of research on the internet regarding tarot cards and their meanings. Beyond that, I just used my imagination and gave the cards a more magical flare in the story. Now, I’m working on book 2 of The Travelers and I want to take my research beyond the internet. What better way than to find a real tarot reader and get a real reading, right? Totally easy, right?


The internet is not exactly flush with information on psychics and tarot readers. Apparently, they are not fans of technology. In fact, I passed a sign for a psychic when driving through Falls Church city last week (Note: the fictitious town in The Travelers is based on this one!). I bookmarked the place in my brain to look up later. When I went to search for it to find information like hours of operation or a phone number, I couldn’t even find the place online. I tried yelp, google. I tried the yellow pages! Nothing. I briefly wondered if they had some sort of cloaking spell on the place or maybe you had to be psychic to find the psychic.

Nscooby gypsy.jpgow, there are options for psychics and tarot readers who have an online presence. However, these people mostly give readings over the phone. I don’t want over the phone. I want in person. I want to walk in and see a gypsy with tons of bracelets, hoop earrings, a beaded scarf wrapped around her head and a crystal ball. (I realize this is conception is a hold over from my days of watching Scooby Doo and is unrealistic. I’ll settle for bracelets.)

There are a few psychics who will come to you or advertise as being close to my area. But sun-moon-tarotthese people are really expensive. I’m talking $150 to $175 an hour. Tell me, anyone who has done this before, is that normal? If so, I may need to buy my own set of Tarot cards and just learn to do this on my own. Although, if psychics are real, I am definitely not one so I’m not sure how effective I will be. The only thing I can predict is that my daughter will likely tell me “mom you just don’t understand” at least once tomorrow.

So, my next step: I’m just going to walk into one of these places and just see what happens…Fingers crossed for a crystal ball or some bracelets…stay tuned…