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T-shirt Tuesday: A Glimpse Into the World of a Teenage Girl – Books and Harry Styles

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time with my very sweet, very well-read, very amusing and very teenage "niece," Emma. (She's also a budding musician/poet.) What does this have to do with T-shirt Tuesday? Well, during the visit I got to get a glimpse into her world and this...

Journey in Progress – Who Are the Travelers?

So, what is The Travelers about, you might ask. Is it a book about people who travel through a forest? (Uh, no.) Is it a book about people who travel around the world observing nature? (Nope, sorry.) Does it have anything to do with traveling anywhere? (Well….) Actually, the title is a little misleading. Most of the book takes place in one location, which is based on my hometown of Northern Virginia. (OK, yes, that’s not really a town. It’s more like a collection of small towns, suburbs and counties just outside Washington, DC. Just go with it people.)

Journey in Progress – The Life and Writings of a Maybe YA Author

So, this is my first blog and not just on this website, but ever. Maybe I should have called this blog “38-year-old Grandma in Progress” because I’m not exactly social media savvy. (I also just recently discovered twitter @klkranes.) My husband and daughter constantly tell me I’m turning into my technology-phobic mother...

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