So, what is The Travelers about, you might ask.


Is it a book about people who travel through a forest? (Uh, no.)

Is it a book about people who travel around the world observing nature? (Nope, sorry.)

Does it have anything to do with traveling anywhere? (Well….)

Actually, the title is a little misleading. Most of the book takes place in one location, which is based on my hometown of Northern Virginia. (OK, yes, that’s not really a town. It’s more like a collection of small towns, suburbs and counties just outside Washington, DC. Just go with it people.)

virginia_north_maryl[SIDE NOTE: Check out Urban Dictionary for some pretty hilarious and sometimes spot-on descriptions of Northern Virginia:]

Whatever you call it, Northern Virginia is a really diverse, complex and resource and history-rich area. It makes a great backdrop for the book. In fact, I even sneak in references to some popular local landmarks and attractions, like the Mananas Civil War battlefield and Great Falls Park.

So, for most of the book, the characters in The Travelers (who you can learn more about on the Meet the Characters page on the book website) pretty much stay in the same 15 mile radius.

But, they do fall in love, get chased a lot, fight and blow some stuff up. That’s pretty exciting, right?

So, who are these travelers who don’t actually spend the book jet setting around the world then? Get the book now and find out!