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T-shirt Tuesday

T-shirt Tuesday: A Glimpse Into the World of a Teenage Girl – Books and Harry Styles

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time with my very sweet, very well-read, very amusing and very teenage "niece," Emma. (She's also a budding musician/poet.) What does this have to do with T-shirt Tuesday? Well, during the visit I got to get a glimpse into her world and this...

Scifi Inspired T-Shirt Tuesday

It’s t-shirt Tuesday, the day that makes the fact that it is only Tuesday and still far from Friday feel kind of fun. Today’s t-shirt is sort of an enigma. When my husband wears it almost no one understands what it means. Like a joke, if a t-shirt needs to be explained does that make it lame? In this case I say absolutely not. Curious yet? If so, read on and find out how I link this mysterious t-shirt to books!

Journey in T-shirt Tuesday: “Gearing” Up for Six Hours of Two Awesome Fast Talking, Coffee Drinking Ladies

It's Tuesday and, as I established last week, I plan to devote Tuesdays to a blog based on one of my husband's many interesting t-shirts. Now, I could have chosen my husband's pessimism t-shirt. It's very funny and would have resulted in an interesting blog. BUT, today I already decided to go rogue. I'm going to base it on one of MY t-shirts instead. (Sorry pessimism. Another Gilmore Girl's blog isn't the worst thing that could happen. 😉 )

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