It’s Tuesday and, as I established last week, I plan to devote Tuesdays to a blog based on20161119_113511 one of my husband’s many interesting t-shirts. Now, I could have chosen my husband’s pessimism t-shirt. It’s very funny and would have resulted in an interesting blog. BUT, today I already decided to go rogue. I’m going to base it on one of MY t-shirts instead.


(Sorry pessimism. Another Gilmore Girl’s blog isn’t the worst thing that could happen. 😉 )

Now, when my husband found out I planned another Gilmore Girls blog, he said “again”? I told him that was not very supportive and that if he really loved me he would fully support my Gilmore Girls obsession. (Love? Obsession? Really are they that different?) Yes, he’ll be spending his birthday watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but I think he’ll find it’s totally worth it.

So, with that said, let’s discuss how I plan to spend this binge (she says as she twiddles her fingers excitedly).


The revival premieres all four episodes on, November 25, 2016. It remains to be seen if I will binge watch the whole day or spread out the joy over at least 2 days. Given it’s my husband’s birthday I may try the latter. I’m just not sure if I’ll have that degree of self-control. Regardless of the length of my viewing plans, I am already in full preparation mode for the revival.

Here is the “gear” I’ve collected so far.

  1. Luke’s diner t-shirt (above)
  2. Large coffee mug
  3. Flannel shirt
  4. Sweat pants for a long day of TV watching
Not my collection, but this is my goal!

What I still need to do

  1. Make “no cell phones” sign
  2. Make a “Team Jess” sign (Dean- and Logan-shippers, continue the hate-fest)
  3. Find a blue baseball hat (and make my husband wear it backwards)
  4. Collect copious amounts of junk food (I have some leftover from Halloween but there are no red vines and no chocolate, so that won’t do)

Speaking of food, which seems appropriate since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, food plays a large role in Gilmore Girls. Rory and Lorelai spend excessive amounts of time at Luke’s diner. Lorelai’s best friend is a chef and the Lorelai and Rory eat an insane amount of junk food.

Fun fact: In my book, The Travelers, Dagny’s love of junk food is a not so subtle nod to the Gilmore Girls.

it-takes-training-to-eatFood Preparation: Getting into Shape

Now, in preparation for the premiere, I’ve been upping my junk food game. (NOTE: I rarely eat junk food, but for GG I will make sort of an exception. Given I generally eat healthy and I am a gluten free vegetarian/sometimes pescatarian, I can’t fully immerse myself in the Gilmore Girls food ways. However, I’m trying to get as close as possible given my limitations.

(Side thought: What if we took all the junk food and made it in the shape of a turkey and ate that for Thanksgiving. I think my daughter might think I was the best Mom in the world if I did that. Super awesome or “recipe” for future diabetes and heart disease? I’m such a buzz kill for my own idea!)

Friday: I started with a healthy dose of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. (Did you know GG’s have their own flavor called “They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They?” – Coffee flavor, mixed with chocolate pudding ice cream. I love this show!) )

Saturday: Pizza for dinner

Sunday: More Pizza for dinner

Monday: Chocolate bar (albeit sort of healthy in that it was protein bar)

Future Food Plans: Making a Menu

tacosI’ve begun planning my menu for my Gilmore Girl-watching day or days. Here’s what I have so far.

  • Breakfast: If I could eat gluten (medical condition, not choice), this would be pop tarts and pancakes. Since I can’t, I’ll be combining several GF cereals together in one bowl with some chocolate milk
  • Junk food snack #1: Pirate Booty (closest I can handle to cheese puffs) and popcorn
  • Lunch: Tacos
  • Junk food snack #2: tater tots (or probably sweet potato fries because, remember, we’re healthy)
  • Dinner: Burger (veggie variety but with lots of cheese)
  • Junk food snack #3: Red vines
  • Late night snack: Ben and Jerry’s Late night snack ice cream

If I survive the event without collapsing from a sugar high, I’m sure I’ll be back to give my opinion on the season! Can’t wait!