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An Island Frozen in Time – My Last Days in Singapore

In honor of my one year anniversary of traveling Singapore. Here is a little blog I wrote but never published about my time on a small, remove island.

A World Within a World: Singapore’s Unusual Biodomes

In one world, Alice ponders a giant mushroom inside an arid wonderland. In another, ancient plants weave up a mountain. Welcome to Singapore's unique biodomes.

Supertrees and Disco Beats: My Introduction to Singapore (A Travel Adventure)

In a tropical place like Singapore, everyone expects an abundance of green leafy gardens. What's not expected? People who don't shove you out of the way on a busy sidewalk and a spectacular light show of metal trees.

An American Author in Dubai (Part 2): An Ocean in the Desert

When last we left our adventurous heroine (that's me), she had just landed in a peculiar place and was bravely fighting the urge to fall asleep thanks to the sleeping spell put on her by an evildoer called "The Time Zone."

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