We recently had a little doggie photo shoot at my house where my 11-year-old daughter took pictures of our dog, Cupcake (take a quick guess who named her), with a copy of The Travelers.

This activity prompted us to discuss our favorite books about animals (naturally). In honor of that, my daughter and I came up with a list of our favorite books starring four-footed furry friends.

Best racing-in-the-rainAnimal Book from an Animal’s Perspective: Racing in the Rain

This book from a dog’s point of view will make you laugh and cry. And, if you have a dog, hug it close and never want to let it go! http://a.co/cUNQGrM



Best Animal Book About Animal Friendship: Charlotte’s Webcharlottes-web

This classic story of a pig that befriends a spider has melted hearts and taught us all about life, friendship and love for decades. http://a.co/gd9fgpu


Best Book About an Animal Helping A Person: A Mango-Shaped Spacmango-shaped-spacee

Have to give some love to the felines! In this book a cat helps a young girl deal with loss and her rare condition. My daughter absolutely adored this book, even though it made her cry. http://a.co/aDvE6uR



Book Every Dog Owner Should Read: Inside of a Dog

This is book teaches you to be a dog-whisperer. It tells you how to interprinside-of-a-doget your dog’s cues, why they pee on everything, and what’s with all the licking. It also comes in adult and children form. http://a.co/6DsEhon 

If you have a picture of your dog with a book, tweet or instagram @klkranes with #petsluvthetravelers or leave a post about your favorite animal book!