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What If…Brushes With Death, Cats and Books

Today I almost died. 

Journey in Friday Fun: If My Characters Were Dogs (Prepare Yourself for Cuteness)

It's finally Friday. And I'm in much need of a distraction. So let's have some silly Friday Fun and pretend for 5 minutes that all the world's problems could be solved if we just cared about each other as much as we cared about our dogs. I mean. I get it. I love my dog, even when she wakes me up at 5 am to throw up on my carpet (which she does more frequently than I'd like). How could I not love that face though? Look at her, she's adorable and she loves books! She's perfect! Alright, so we've established dogs are adorable and great. Let's take this up a notch. Since I had so much fun writing a blog on “if my characters were Barbie dolls,” I thought I’d try a variation on this theme. In this blog, I’m going to do, if my characters from The Travelers were dogs.

Journey in Books: Animals in Literature

We recently had a little puppy photo shoot at my house where my 11-year-old daughter took pictures of our dog, Cupcake (take a quick guess who named her), with a copy of The Travelers. In honor of that, my daughter and I came up with a list of our favorite books starring four-footed furry friends. Check out our picks for best books about animals.

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