I’ve always had an affinity for the story of rich Mr. Scrooge who gets a visit from the spirits of Christmas past, present and future and a valuable lesson about the dangers of greed and selfishness. (This book should be mandatory reading for all the billionaires out there.) It’s a story that lends itself to telling and retelling in so many ways. I mean how many times have you seen a TV show do A  Christmas Carol episode? I’d guess more than you can count. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the message of reflection and compassion is universal. Therefore, I think the versatile styling of the Christmas classic deserves it’s own blog post.

mickeyI’ve loved A Christmas Carol since I was probably about 5-years-old. No, I am not some Rory Gilmore who read Dickens and Proust before the age of 8. My introduction to Ebenezer Scrooge came from none other than Scrooge McDuck (via a movie called Mickey’s Christmas Carol.) Not familiar with this animated treasure? Well you can still get it on Amazon if you’d like to check it out.

Since then, I have read the actual book. Now, if you’re feeling a need for a jump start to your Christmas spirit you could read the Dickens classic. (It is a novella and not as much of a commitment as some of his other material.) But, in case your holiday brain, weary from shopping and preparations, wants something lighter, here are 10 other ways you can enjoy A Christmas Carol.

  1. scroodgedA Funny Christmas Carol – Scrooged – a hilarious, must-see movie starring Bill Murray.
  2. A Tim Curry Christmas Carol – Don’t want to read? Have Tim Curry read to you via this audio b00k.
  3. A Live Christmas Carol – Head to Washington, DC, and see A Christmas Carol live at Ford’s Theatre. There’s still time. It runs until December 31. Or check your local area theaters, a stage version of A Christmas Carol is not uncommon.
  4. A Radio Christmas Carol – Can’t make it to the theater? How about a radio version? Check out A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio play.
  5. An All-Inclusive Christmas Carol – Want take a more worldly approach to the holiday season? Check out A Christmas Carol, Oy! Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, a holiday puppet show described as an “adaptation of Dickens’ classic with graphic-novelOld World accents and New World inclusiveness.” Although, it’s not playing live anymore, you can check it out on youtube. It might be one of the strangest and yet most unique things I’ve ever seen.
  6. A Graphic Novel Christmas Carol – Like your Dickens story in comic book form? Check out A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel.
  7. A Muppet Christmas Carol – Yep, those cute Muppets have a version of the Dickens classic and it is worth a watch!
  8. A Broadway Christmas Carol – You could also head to New York and listen to Mr. Scrooge belt out some tunes at the Broadway adaptation.
  9. A Dancing Christmas Carol – Did you know there is a ballet version of the book? Check your local area for potential Christmas Carol ballets or you can see the one from Northern muppet_christmas_carolBallet Theatre online here
  10. A Shakespearean Christmas Carol – Love Shakespeare and Dickens? Well, I can’t exactly find something that truly combines them both. But Captain Picard (aka, the Shakespearean trained, amazing actor Patrick Stewart) stars in a great classic film adaptation of the tome.  (Side note: he’s also recorded a one-man dramatic reading of the book.)

Any other great adaptations you know of? Feel free to comment! So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa and just general Happy Holidays to all!