The Travelers took a little tour of New York City along with the dance company my daughter is a part of (C4 Performing Arts) yesterday. (I luckily got to come with them!) The Travelers also had a little pal. (Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice Zombies.) She shares the same last name as the main characters in my book (Dagny Bennet and her family). She’s also a sassy girl from a fantasy book with connections to the past, like my book. Plus, I have a recent obsession with POP figurines. So she seemed like a great sidekick for our little trip through the city.

It all began Sunday night….we arrived late, in the bitter cold. We hauled our bags through the streets tucking our faces in our jackets to shield ourselves from the cold. After we checked into the hotel, we snuggled up in a hotel room to rest up for the next day.


The next morning we quickly got ready for the day, had breakfast and then I went off to my day job. (I live in Northern Virginia, but the company I work for is based in NYC.) Although I had fun visiting with my coworkers, I think Jane and The Travelers probably had the better time. They accompanied my daughter on  a trip to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, then took a class with the actual Rockettes. They also participated in a mock audition, and then took a backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall. (Lucky girls and book right?)

After all that excitement, they also got to take a class at Alvin Ailey! (The dance company, that is. I think a book and a plastic figure would have a tough time actually dancing. Although they did come along for the adventure.) My daughter was a bit disappointed she couldn’t take the class because she was under 16. However, she did pose for this amazing picture with the rest of her company and had a great time watching.


Finally the day was over and I got to cozy back up with The Travelers and Jane for a quiet, but brief, dinner.


Soon, the gaggle of exhausted but excited teens and preteens came back to the hotel for the night.

Today’s a new day! Can’t wait to see what happens! Check out the blog tomorrow to see how we spent our Tuesday!