Two days ago I was on a mission. I thought it would be easy! I wanted some New Year’s Eve party supplies and decorations. The goal of this excursion? No, silly, not a party, that’s too obvious. A bookstagram!

(If you’re unfamiliar with bookstagrams, let me introduce you. They are essentially visual odes to books. Go on Instagram and put #bookstagram to check them out. If you love books, you’re welcome! And, I’m sorry. Addiction is imminent.)

Back to the mission. I wanted colorful, textural and classic objects that represented the celebration of New Years. I searched for sparkling hats and things like metallic kazoos or that other thing you blow into and a piece of paper snaps out like a little angry lizard tongue. You know what I mean, basically all that shiny, fluffy fun New Years stuff.

I thought it would be simple. Two days before New Year’s Eve, shops should have their New Years goods at the front of the store waiting to be plucked up by dorky, silly party supply lovers like me. WRONG. Like everything else in 2016, it wasn’t that easy.

Eventually, I found most of the items I sought. Except one elusive item. I started to long for it, obsess over it. I searched for it, dragging my daughter from store to store through the cold, blustery wind. I had to have it, like a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and “this thing which tells time.”(OK, A Christmas Story maybe had more influence on me than I realized.)

What was the object of my searching obsession? Sparkling glasses in the shape of 2017. I didn’t just want them. I had to have them and nothing could stop me. Not the cold weather, not the evil store chains that refused to carry them or didn’t restock them when sold out. (I’m talking to you CVS!)

We went on a seemingly endless search to places like the Dollar store, CVS, 5 Below, Marshalls, Stein Mart. I was about to give up. My daughter had decided I was a crazy person. (Although, to be fair, she put up with this search for quite a long time before coming to that conclusion.) Then, I saw a grocery store. Not the first place you think of for party supplies. But, I said to my daughter, “Let’s just try one last store. We could get lucky.” Her response? “There is like zero chance this place will have it.”

Well, guess what?  I defied the odds proclaimed by an 11-year-old girl. They did have one last pair of glorious sparkling gold 2017 glasses.

I made my daughter hold them up in triumph (my triumph) and take a picture while also wearing a tiara. She was totally thrilled to do that. Can’t you see it in her face? I am definitely in the running for the mother of the year award, right? (Sorry, Ella. Did I mention you’re the best daughter ever for putting up with a crazy mom like me?)


So what’s the point of my little story? It has one, I swear. Relentlessly searching for 2017 eye wear reminded me that being successful and happy is all about persistence and, most importantly, optimism. I knew I would find it if I just kept looking!

This search gave me my 2017 mantra – persistence and optimism will lead to happiness. In 2017, I’m will not stop trying to make the world better. I will keep working hard, writing, reading, blogging, connecting with others and spending time with my family. And, I will stay optimistic, despite the things I read in the news or the hatefulness in the world.

Oh and if you want to see what started this all tomorrow I’ll post some of the bookstagrams, featuring, none other than the awesome gold 2017 glasses! Stay tuned…