So, it’s now 10 days into 2017. (10 already? Time goes so fast!) I’m back to my relatively regimented schedule of working, writing, laundry, cleaning, etc, basically, all the stuff of a peaceful daily life. Once we (the proverbial “we”) get back in our routines after a vacation or big event, I think we can start to forget all the great memories we’ve made. They get buried, like an old photograph in the bottom of a box.

So, before all my memories get lost in the basement of my mind, I want to document my top 10 best moments of the 2016 vacation holiday season (in no particular order)!

1. Actually going to a movie. It’s so rare we get to do this. We picked a good one, Rogue One. (It. Was. Awesome.)


2. Buying my daughter her first pointe shoes (and learning a lot about pointe shoes in the process).


3. Hanging with Friends on New Year’s Eve and learning how to play craps.

4. Building a stretch board thing with my daughter and my Dad. (Don’t ask me what this is exactly. My daughter wanted it for ballet and my Dad helped her make it. I mostly watched.)

5. Dance parties in the house. (Quote from my husband: Only in a house with 5 females –  he’s counting the dog – does a spontaneous dance party break out.)


6. Visiting the O Street Museum in DC with the fam. (see entire blog about that here. That place was awesome!)


7. Cookie Partaaay!!! (You can read a poem about that here, if you’d like. It was a lot of fun.)

8. Christmas day with the family and friends (lots of animals “adopted” and rescued).

9. Writing book #2 of The Travelers (I’m 95% completed)!!


10. Making, then unmaking, then re-making, then decorating and then enjoying talking about and looking at the book-mas tree. (It really is a conversation starter! Can’t wait to make it even bigger and better next year!)