‘Twas the night before Christmas Eve
And the house was a mess
But it was no big deal
Because the cookie party was a success!

People made merry
and gobbled up treats
As they turned dough
Into beautiful treats

Cookies were cut in
shapes of the season
And some random ones too
We just like for no reason (like the fox)


Icing colors were mixed
for stars, bows and wreaths
One child even took the dye cap and
gave herself blue teeth!

Decorations were sorted and
organized to my satisfaction
Even The Travelers and Jane
got in on the action

A food spread of cheese, latkes
And other stuff
Was laid out for guests
(Because for some reason cookies aren’t enough)


Kids drizzled icing
On sugary goods
While their parents chatted
And nibbled on foods

There were pictures and photo bombs
The house filled will joy
Cookie crumbs scattered
Across chairs, books and toys

Finally the kids
All ran off to play
So adults could swoop in
And grab the cookie tray

People spread icing
Of red, green and white
As the party moved
Well into the night

Flour filled the air
Like a fresh coat of snow
As my husband and Mom
Kept rolling out the dough

Once the sugar kicked in
things got kind of crazy
There were unicorns and pillow jenga
And sunglasses on Maisy!

Icing cups dripped
Sprinkles towered in piles
Kids screamed and hooted
Filling the house with their smiles

And when it was over
the house was a wreck
But we didn’t care
Because it was fun as heck

We plopped on the couch
Free from all sorrow
And thought, Maybe it’s OK
If we just clean it up tomorrow?


Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays!