When I was in NYC, I got caught right between Rockefeller Center and Saks 5th Ave just when their holiday light show started. I was in a hurry and in no mood for a light show. But, I had no choice because of the clogged streets to stop and watch. And, you know what? It was super cool. And, it made me want to see more.


So when we get home to Northern Virginia, I was really happy to my parents got us tickets to the Meadowlark Park Winter Walk of Light. It was nice to take a break from everything and enjoy some time with my family. It did not disappoint.

It started out in a beautiful building, decorated with silver wreaths, dripping white lights and glowing snowflakes.

This leads out to the “fairy garden” filled with a glowing fairy village, shining orbs and tiny wisps of light.

You walk down a path of darkness and lights sprout out of the ground like electric water fountains.

Then you move into a flower garden.

Pass through a disco-like reflecting ball.


Next is a sea of light, complete with frogs and jumping fish, and tall trees twisted with colorful bulbs. Of course, my favorite thing was the two swans out in the lake. But my meager photography skills prevented me from getting a decent picture.

At the end there is a gingerbread house and a field of electric strawberries. (Strawberry fields forever.)

And, of course,there’s an opportunity to sit beneath the lights and take a picture.


Now I’m really in the holiday spirit! I’m ready to watch a holiday movie and have our annual holiday cookie party tomorrow! (We do it every year and it’s older than me!)

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