Book-related articles always catch my attention and not just because I love books. News stories about books always have an interesting and thoughtful premise. The only problem is you have to read through a lot of other things to get to the good articles about books and reading.

Therefore, I’m reviving a Friday 5 I did a few weeks ago and creating a list of my top 5 favorite book stories or articles from this week. So, it’s the best bookish articles this week, in my opinion, wrapped up for you in 1 post.

#1 How to Shop Indie When Your Nearest Bookstore is Hours Away

ShopIndieRed.pngFirstly, I think that Bookriot stares into my soul and figures out exactly what I want to read. Everyday they have tons of great book-related articles that I can’t wait to read.

I love this one because it’s about how you can support indie bookstores, even if you don’t have one nearby. It has clever tips and suggestions. And, I’m a big supporter of the indie bookstore movement.  Go indie!

#2 Bus Driver Surprises Kids With Hundreds of Books For the Summer

bus driver story.jpgI am such a sucker for a feel-good story that makes my insides go all soft. This is one of those stories.

This former bus driver organized a book drive for the students from his old bus route. He didn’t even drive them anymore! But he never forgot them! He took the time out of his life to organize an entire book drive and distribute the books to these students. It just warms my heart!

#3 Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Clone from Orphan Black

orphan black.jpg

This is another reason why I think Bookriot looks directly into my soul. I have zero time for TV, so when I make time for TV it means it’s a show I really love. And I make time for Orphan Black. I love this show so much I can hardly stand it. Stephen King’s Carrie for Helena is just the best! Although the Rachel recommendation might be the most spot-on. Even if you don’t watch Orphan Black, you can glean enough from the pictures of the different clones to understand and the book recommendations are interesting.

 #4 Chelsea Clinton on her new children’s book ‘She Persisted,’ and Remembering Flo-Jo

she persisted.jpgI have my She Persisted t-shirt sitting right next to my Women’s March t-shirt in my closet and wear both proudly. Also, as part of this blog, I have a sub-blog series called #booksoverlooks focusing on how we need to engage girls more about things of substance rather than clothes or Instagram pics. That’s why when I saw this story about how Chelsea Clinton wrote a book called She Persisted, I thought it was wonderful.

It’s a book that “celebrates 13 American women who have helped create the fabric of this country.” No matter what you think of the Clintons or anyone else in or near politics, there needs to be more books like these out there for our kids.


Like Gandalf, death can’t stop J.R.R. Tolkien. His legacy lives on and on and now on some more because he’s published a new book on May 31 (just this week)! Well, he didn’t published it per se, obviously. His son weaved together different versions of the book from Tolkien’s writings. Still, it’s Tolkien’s story and words.

And it’s already ranked No. 6 among all books on Amazon. Seriously, Tolkien, stop making us authors who aren’t handicapped by being a dead genius feel bad!

The book, Beren and Lúthien, is set in the Middle Earth world, several thousand years before the Lord of the Rings books. The novel tells the story of a romance between Beren, a human, and Lúthien, an elf.

Fun fact: The story was likely meant as a tribute to Tolkien’s wife, Edith. The headstone that marks the grave where Tolkien and his wife are buried is engraved with the names of Beren and Lúthien. Awwww. Who knew Tolkien was such a romantic at heart!

Happy Friday!