For those who need encouragement or those who just need rationalization to add to your growing to be read (TBR) book pile. Here are 10 reasons you should buy that book!

please buy my book.jpg1. To support an indie bookstore! Do you love to support small business growth? Then buy a book from an indie bookstore. Indie bookstores are the lifeblood of the reading community. They host great events and foster a real sense of community. Plus, they are small, independently owned businesses, the kind we want more of!

2. To support those in need! OK, most authors aren’t “in need.” But, being an author is not a lucrative field unless you’re really successful. If you love books, keep buying them or else risk losing those books forever because authors can’t afford to keep writing without people buying!

4. Because you like the smell. You do, don’t you? If you like books, you like the smell of books. It’s the literary version of new car smell.

treat yourself

3. To make yourself smile. In the immortal words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec: Treat yourself! You’re worth it. Give yourself the gift of books! The best kind of retail therapy. It’s just as good as getting a pedicure, probably better.

5. Because that extra space on your bookshelf isn’t filling itself. Alright this might sound shallow, but still. Pretty books with pretty covers make pretty bookshelves. And you have space, right? So buy that book!

6. To keep up with the Joneses. You can’t let those other people read more books than you! If you get that book, you’ll read it eventually. Let your competitive nature take over.

7. Because it’s better than spending money on a fidget spinner. Let’s face it, fidget spinners are the latest craze. Instead of following the crowd and spending your money on something that will be popular for 5 minutes, buy a book. They last longer and they’re more rewarding.

8. Because you must have the best, most interesting bookstagram. If you love turning books into art, then you love bookstagrams. To keep your bookstagram hot and interesting, you need more books! Don’t have a bookstragram yet? Buy a book so you can start bookstagramming!

can't buy happiness

9. So you have something to read at the coffee shop/waiting for school pick up/while getting your hair done. Whatever the reason at some point you’ll be sitting around looking for something to do. Instead of pulling out your phone, pull out that book you just bought! If you didn’t buy it, that would be hard to do.

10. Because you’ll thank yourself later. Someday you’ll look at the book, pick it up and read it. Whenever that is, you’ll be really happy you decided you bought it. Just because you already have so many to read? What’s one more going to hurt. You’ll get to it eventually.

If you’re still not sure, here is a great info graphic from Bookbub to help you decide.

buy books info graphic