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10 for Tuesday: 10 Reasons to Buy that Book Already

For those who need encouragement or those who just need rationalization to add to your growing to read book (TBR) pile. Here are 10 reasons you should buy that book!

The Death of Traditional Publishing & Going Indie – Maybe It’s Not a Bad Thing

Indie. It is a shortened version of the word independent, in that it's free from the giant corporate conglomerates that dominate the world. It's a medium that's free to experiment and unconstrained by interference from those who care only about money, not art. Indie music. Indie film. You can find an indie version almost anything artistic, including books.

Accidental Indie: How I Discovered the Delicious Wonder of Indie Books

Once upon a time, before I’d even decided to try to publish my own book (The Travelers, Saguaro Books), I was unaware of the world of independent publishers. I didn’t read books by small presses and I definitely did not read anything self-published. I determined my reading list based friends' recommendations or reviews in large media outlets. (Don’t judge. I just didn’t know better at the time!) Until one day, a friend recommended that I read this new book “Lost Girl”...

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