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Friday Night Fun: Me, A Guy Named Harry and Some Magic

Guess what I'm doing tonight? I'm starting on New Year's Resolution #1 - I'm starting the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter Confessions from a YA Author and Reader

I have a confession, a reading-related confession. Prepare yourself to be shocked. I've never read the Harry Potter books. I know it seems crazy that a YA fantasy author and a lover of books has never read Harry Potter. (Please don't hold it against me.) So, I'm going to make a active choice now, my first New Year's Resolution - I will read the Harry Potter series...

Old & New York: Traveling with The Travelers Day 2

I spent day 2 in NYC traveling around the city with my book, The Travelers, it's side kick Jane Bennet (see yesterdays blog as to why we brought her along) and my daughter's dance company (aka, a group of teen and preteen girls obsessed with dance). It was a day filled with an interesting mix of nostalgia and discovering things about NYC I never knew!

Ancient Magic in Christmas: Hidden History of Tradition

Christmas traditions have changed over the years. In the Middle Ages, Christmas celebrations were rowdy and raucous, apparently lot like today’s Mardi Gras. From 1659 to 1681, Christmas was even outlawed in Boston. (Puritans were not fans of the celebration.) Christmas traditions themselves also changed over time, many finding their roots in ancient Pagan rituals.

Wishlist Wednesday: Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Buying gifts can be stressful. If you're like me you fret about giving people the perfect gift. I like my gifts to be meaningful. Honestly, if someone makes a wishlist that's the best. But, not everyone does and if it's a wishlist available to multiple people, then you risk giving duplicate gifts. So how do you pick the best gift for someone?

T-shirt Tuesday: Unicorns – True or Real?

Today's T-shirt Tuesday is actually not inspired by one of my husband's t-shirts. However, he did buy it for my daughter because of her rather large obsession with unicorns. I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually think they're real. But, she may...and maybe she's not completely wrong...

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