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The Best Podcasts…for an Insomniac Writer or Anyone Who Just Likes Podcasts

Sometimes you just want to sleep...maybe a podcast can help!

People Are Essentially Good: The Brief Story of a Temporarily Lost Dog Named Orphan Wells

Normally, my blog is all about books and writing. But today I'm going to take a little detour from that theme and tell a brief, true and heartwarming story about a lost dog we named Orphan Wells...

Monday Blog: Art Set Free in a Prison

A prison is not a place I would think I'd find great art.

Independence Day Parade Brings Out My Competitive Side

It's time for the yearly 4th of July parade in my neighborhood, which means fire trucks, food and costume contests that I must win...

Beyond Books: Moving Stories Told Through Dance

When people think of telling stories, typically they think of books. But, as I sat last weekend watching my daughter dance, I realized storytelling can actually take on forms beyond the written word and, in some cases, even beyond the spoken word.

Sunday Story Time: Me, a Van and Neil Diamond

My first and last loves were both named Neil. And this weekend I got to see my first one again - Neil Diamond. To understand why he's my first love, I'd have to take you back when I was 5-years-old traveling across the country for a summer in a van.

Writing Therapy: A Summer Writing Challenge

Recently, I fell into a bit of a writing funk. The kind where as much as I love writing, I started to wonder if there was a point to it all. Enter my daughter...and a challenge...

Dragon Tales and Carnival Fails

It's the season of the carnival. And this weekend I had one goal and one goal only: brave creaky carnival rides. Seems simple. It wasn't.

Saturday Story Time: A Bad Cook Plays With Fire

I am many things - mother, wife, reader, resister, writer, generally stubborn human being. I am not, as anyone who knows me can attest, a good cook. I have never been good at the art of cookery, even when I've tried. And yet for some reason, I tried again...

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