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T-shirt Tuesday

T-shirt Tuesday: The Secret to Raising Smart Kids – Read Smartly

Everyone wants a smart kid right? But how do you raise a smart kid? And can you or is it just genetics?

T-shirt Tuesday: SciFi Books That Got the Future Right?

My husband and daughter have matching t-shirts about science. (So cute and nerdy.) Their t-shirts inspired today's t-shirt Tuesday blog topic: Did any science fiction books get it right or make predictions that came true?

T-shirt Tuesday: The Lost Art of Storytelling and Leprechauns?

My husband bought it little over two years ago when our family spent a about a week in Paris followed by a few days in Dublin. The contrast between the two places was undeniable. In Paris, you're a visitor. In Dublin, you're a guest. The distinction is more than just a feeling, though. It's a state of being. In Paris, like in many other places, conversations with strangers were necessary interactions you completed as quickly as possible. In Dublin, conversations were a means of telling stories. I am a writer, a storyteller (see The Travelers), therefore, I felt at home in this place of fellow yarn spinners. Stories, in any form, always make life more interesting...

A Holiday Inspired T-shirt Tuesday: Top 10 Holiday Movies

It's t-shirt Tuesday. The day where I choose one of my husband's many amusing t-shirts as inspiration for my blog. Given my continued struggle with the book-mas tree this week (see blog from this weekend) and the fact that it's still not complete, my choice of t-shirts this week will seem pretty fitting. And since it's Tuesday, let's combine TWO things and make it a Twos-day: T-shirt Tuesday and Tuesday Top Ten.

Journey in Inspiration: T-shirt Tuesday Begins, Don’t All Cheer at Once

So, I need a little levity in my life right now. Therefore, I decided to try something new. I'm calling it T-shirt Tuesday. My husband probably has hundreds of t-shirts with funny, ironic sayings or pictures on them. I'm going to use those to draw inspiration for my Tuesday blogs, or at least I'm going to try. Ready? Today's inspiration is...

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