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Beyond Books: Moving Stories Told Through Dance

When people think of telling stories, typically they think of books. But, as I sat last weekend watching my daughter dance, I realized storytelling can actually take on forms beyond the written word and, in some cases, even beyond the spoken word.

National Tell a Story Day: My Story – A Case of Dognip

April 27th is National Tell a Story Day. To celebrate, this is a story about what it's like to be dognip...

Scary Story Time: Ghost Haunting and Hunting in Colonial Williamsburg While Traveling with The Travelers

When visiting Colonial Williamsburg, you talk a lot about dead people. You even meet them on the street. But, those are actors not ghosts. To see the real ghosts you have to go ghost hunting for the hauntings...

Sunday Story Time of Traveling with The Travelers: The Mind of an Un-sporty Person Watching A College Sport

Here is what I am thinking as the ball barrels through the air spinning so fast it looks like a little wisp of color: I can't watch. No I have to watch. Quicker. Get there faster.

T-shirt Tuesday: The Lost Art of Storytelling and Leprechauns?

My husband bought it little over two years ago when our family spent a about a week in Paris followed by a few days in Dublin. The contrast between the two places was undeniable. In Paris, you're a visitor. In Dublin, you're a guest. The distinction is more than just a feeling, though. It's a state of being. In Paris, like in many other places, conversations with strangers were necessary interactions you completed as quickly as possible. In Dublin, conversations were a means of telling stories. I am a writer, a storyteller (see The Travelers), therefore, I felt at home in this place of fellow yarn spinners. Stories, in any form, always make life more interesting...

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