I really enjoy bookstagrams, like a lot. They’re a combination of books and photography. Some of them are so beautiful they’re like art captured by art.

So, I’m bringing back the Friday 5 featuring my 5 favorite bookstagrams in the last week! This Spring, I’ve been having so much fun creating bookstagrams of my book, The Travelers, in this gorgeous weather.

So I want to focus on bookstagrams that celebrate Spring! Here are 5 of my favorites. It was so hard to narrow it down to 5!

Top 5 Spring Bookstagrams

1. Blustockingbookshelf

Why I like this:

Firstly, Jane Austen, yes. And coffee and tulips? Perfect. I also love the stripes of light.

2. Sadie_reads_them_all

Why I like this: This bookstagram is so unique. I love the use of the picture with combined with the book and it feels like a cohesive ode to Spring.

3. Porcelain.ivory.steel

Why I like this: It’s not just one or two books, it’s an entire Spring bookshelf. And the rainbow, color coordinated books plus the simple white flowers is a beautiful nod to Spring.

4. Staybookish

Why I like this: I enjoy the symmetry of this pictures. It uses a lot of different colors, but I’m not overwhelmed by it because the yellow is prominent and it keeps an almost mathematical organization to the objects.

5. Xie.Reads

Why I like this: I like bookstagrams that capture more than books. I like the ones that also capture the joy of reading. This one does that and adds in the wonder of Spring. Just perfect because it makes you want to grab your book, run outside and start reading.

Bonus Bookstagram


Why am I including this bonus bookstagram? Because I just love it and it’s not exactly “Spring”. Still, it has very pretty subtle flowers and a lot of cuteness and when I think of spring I think of small cute things, like cute little trees budding, cute little flowers. This is more abstract Spring. Therefore, not appropriate for my favorite Spring Bookstagrams, if I’m being literal. But, it’s more honorable mention.