Often on the weekends, I like to write a fun story about an event or activity for a series on my blog I call Saturday Story Time. For today’s story, here’s a blog by writer Lisa Tully about her interesting experience watching the total solar eclipse.


IMG_3405 Yes, those are giant eclipse solar glasses, but just for show. They did not actually work.

We drove just over 1000 miles round-trip down the eastern seaboard to see the solar eclipse–yes, the total solar eclipse. The total eclipse of the sun. Not the Total Eclipse of the Heart. In our case, it was actually the Total Eclipse of the Park.

In casual conversation about a month ago, someone mentioned their family was traveling to Tennessee to view the total eclipse. I was taken aback, and asked to hear more. For all my sciencey interest and number of times I have listened to Neil Degrasse Tyson on StarTalk Radio, I had not considered traveling to the path of totality from our home in the Washington DC area.

When I retold the story to my husband, I suggested we could drive to the path of totality for the eclipse. What about a…

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