It’s finally Friday. And I’m in much need of a distraction. So let’s have some silly Friday Fun and pretend for 5 minutes that all the world’s problems could be solved if we just cared about each other as much as we cared about our dogs. I mean. I get it. I love my dog, even when she wakes me up at 5 am to throw up on my carpet (which she does more frequently than I’d like). How could I not love that face though? Look at her, she’s adorable and she loves books! She’s perfect!

OH and here are my friends’ dogs. I mean, seriously, can they get any cuter? (In case you’re a crazy person and not sure, the answer is No, they can’t.)

Alright, so we’ve established dogs are adorable and great. Let’s take this up a notch. Since I had so much fun writing a blog on “if my characters were Barbie dolls,” I thought I’d try a variation on this theme. In this blog, I’m going to do, if my characters from The Travelers were dogs.

Meet Dog Marc, main male character, love interest of Dagny

My best pick: Labrador retriever
Why? Because labs have been described as followslab

  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Even-tempered
  • Popular
  • Athletic
  • Happy
  • Gentle
  • Outgoing
  • Agile
  • Strong
  • Honest
  • Friendly

Meet Dog Dagny, main female character, love interest for Marc

My best pick: Jack Russell
Why? Because Jack Russell have been described as follows

  • Small dog in a big dog’s body (if you’ve read the book, you’ll get why that’s so important)jack-russell
  • Feisty
  • Mischievous
  • No problem initiating a battle of wills
  • Tough
  • Smart
  • Energetic
  • Independent

If “loves chocolate” were on here (I know it can’t be because it’s bad for dogs. Tell that to my parent’s neighbor’s dog Shadow who loved Thin Mints though!) and “messy” were on here, I think this might be the perfect match.

Meet Dog Jason: Dagny’s much, much, much older brother

My best pick (technically two because I couldn’t decide on one and I could see Jason being a mutt and not a purebred. Feels appropriate.): Bullmastiff/Akita Mix
Why? Because Bullmastiffs and Akitas have been described as follows

  • “Silent watchdog”akita-mastiff-mix
  • Large
  • Serious
  • Protective
  • Quiet
  • Strong
  • Brave
  • Very defensive of family to strangers
  • Fearless
  • Fixed loyalty
  • Intensely suspicious of other people and animals
  • Do not cohabitate well with other breeds

Meet Mr. Bennet, the Dog, Dagny’s father

My best pick: Bernese mountain dog
Why? Because Bernese mountain dogs have been described as follows

  • Outdoorsyburnese
  • Calm
  • Patient
  • Gentle
  • Loyal
  • Watchful
  • Non-aggressive
  • Affectionate
  • Polite to strangers
  • Good-natured
  • Self-assured


Meet Dog Jillian, Marc’s sister

My best pick: Chow Chow
Why? Because Chow Chows have been described as follows

She is totally thinking, “Whatever, this stick is way more interesting than anything you have going on.”
  • Aloof
  • Lazy
  • Scowling expression
  • Downright suspicious of strangers
  • Fiercely loyal companion for the right person
  • Prone to being anti-social
  • Minds own business unless provoked
  • When Chow Chows have reached adolescence they reject authority from any owner who failed to earn its admiration

Meet Dog Brooke, Dagny’s Best Friend (is that somehow irony since a dog is man’s best friend…not quite I suppose)

My best pick: Ibizan hound
Why? Because Ibizan hounds have been described as followsibizan-hound

  • Deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter
  • Quiet
  • Gentle
  • Relaxed
  • Athletic
  • Highly intelligent
  • Swift
  • Incredibly graceful
  • Light on feet
  • Protective instinct
  • Learns quickly
  • Freethinker who doesn’t obey mindlessly

Meet Dog Lily, Dagny’s other close friend

My best pick: Poodle
Why? Because poodles have been described as followspoodle

  • Trademark curly hair
  • Playful
  • Extrovert
  • Social
  • High strung
  • Active
  • Smart
  • Agile
  • Sensitive

Meet Cody, Marc’s best friend

My best pick: English bulldog
Why? Because bulldogs have been described as follows

  • Sweet-naturedbull-dog
  • Lovable
  • Dependable and predictable
  • People-oriented
  • Forgiving
  • Sensitive to moods
  • True companions
  • Actively solicit human attention

Meet Cat Ava, Dagny’s other much, much, much older sibling (Yep, I said cat. First I’ve got to give the cat people some love. Second, I think Ava is much more a cat than a dog.)

My best pick: Russian Blue Cat
Why? Because Russia blue cats have been described as followsrussian-blue-cat

  • Elegant
  • Tidy
  • Clever
  • Hates change
  • Vocal about food
  • Curious
  • Cautious
  • Reserved
  • Playfulness restricted to those they trust
  • Rarely will open up to strangers