Have you ever wondered what TV witch character you are most like? Do you think you’re a flame-haired Willow from Buffy? Maybe you’re prudent Piper from Charmed? Or perhaps you’re nose twitching and bewitching Samantha? Well, now you can find out.

I love witches, obviously. I wrote a book about them (see The Travelers). Therefore, I was very happy to chance upon this test to discover which TV witch I am most like.  (Spoiler: I’m Hilda!) It’s super quick and fun if you’d like to try it too. http://readersgazette.com/puzzles/whichwitch/#nowhere

If you enjoyed that, maybe you want to find out which witch character from The Travelers you are most like? If so, I’ve got another test for you. Choose the answers below that most reflect you.

1. You are at a book store, you choose a book from which genre…

A. Modern young adult
B. Science fiction or fantasy
C. Horror
D. Military fiction
E. Gothic romance or some sort of classic literature

2. You’re picking out an outfit, you’re most likely to choose…

A. The first thing you find on the floor and a pair of boots
B. A comfortable t-shirt and jeans
C. Something black, always black
D. Crisp collared shirt and jeans or khakis
E. A clean pressed, modest outfit

3. You go to school and a friend tells you the calculus teacher plans to have a pop quiz. You…

A. Quickly pull out your notes, which are crumpled in the bottom of your backpack, and try to cram in as much information as possible before the quiz
B. Do nothing. You are not worried because you know all the information already
C. Complain that, of course, this is happening to you because nothing goes right for you and plot revenge, involving some sort of black goo, against the teacher for having a pop quiz
D. Skip the class
E. Immediately visit your teacher and negotiate your way out of taking the quiz

4. You are at a party and a stranger approaches you and starts talking, you…

A. Engage the person and try hard not to talk too much, but you end up saying something super embarrassing instead
B. Fall easily into a conversation because you are a social animal and quickly find a topic you both enjoy
C. Say something sarcastic, roll your eyes and walk away because you hate people and parties
D. Stand stiffly and only half-listen because you are preoccupied with the friend/sibling/girlfriend/boyfriend you came to the party with
E. Smile sweetly and converse politely, ensuring that throughout the conversation you are following all all proper etiquette requirements for good conversation

5. Your bedtime routine is most likely includes

A. Reading a book  until you fall asleep with face in the book
B. Struggling to fall asleep because you’re busy thinking about plans for tomorrow
C. Drawing scary creatures with a thick black pen and then using it to color your nails black
D. Checking all the doors and windows in the house to make sure they’re secured and locked
E. A meticulous routine of face scrubbing, teeth brushing, flossing, lotion and at least 100 brushes through your hair

6. Your spirit animal is most likely to be

A. A wild horse
B. A wolf
C. A sloth
D. A bear
E. A hawk

7. If you could live in any time period it would be

A. The present, you like right now
B. The future, you can’t wait to see innovations
C. Some alternate steam punk universe but with a lot more black clothes
D. World War II or post-World War II era
E. Victorian era or essentially anything before the 1900s. You like the past and history

So which Travelers’ witch are you most like?

If you answered mostly A – you are most like Dagny – impulsive and a little bit of a mess. You like to do things your own way and don’t like to be told what to do.

If you answered mostly B – you are most like Marc- thoughtful and intelligent. You like to think things through and plan. But you also find it easy to talk to people and be in social situations.

If you answered mostly C – you are most like Jillian- dark and cynical. You dislike people generally and trust no one. You don’t want to work too hard unless you really like doing something. But you also have a wicked sense of humor.

If you answered mostly D – you are most like Jason- strong and reserved. But you are also very protective and go to any length to ensure the people you love are safe.

If you answered mostly E – you are most like Ava- proper and strong-willed. You like to be in control. You don’t make friends easily, but you care deeply about your family and may even be a little old-fashioned.