It’s Friday! And by Friday my brain is usually so fried that light and goofy is about all I can manage. So, today’s blog will be of the light and goofy variety and explore the exciting world of literary personality tests. (Did you just jump for joy? You totally did. Admit it.)

Personal Interest

Well, I’ll admit it! If there is some sort of personality test posted on a blog or Facebook, I’ll take it, always, unless they make me sign up for something. Otherwise, I’m all over it. What does my choice in shoes say about me? I’m there. What kind of dog would I be? Oh definitely. Heck, if it has even a hint of literary undertones, I’ll probably re-post it.

shakespeare.jpgCase in point, I recently re-posted on Facebook last week a lovely gem regarding figuring out your Shakespeare character. Apparently I’m Beatrice! Feisty and headstrong, while also intensely loyal, protective and sensitive. (Alright, that’s probably pretty accurate.) I also wrote an entire blog on figuring out which witch you’re most like – Find Your Kindred Witch Spirit. (My husband called this blog “silly.” He’s not a fan. Feel free to leave a comment and tell him what you think of that.)

personality.jpgCult of Personality

Silly it may be, but what’s wrong with a little silly fun? Again, it’s Friday and I think we could all use a little silly. Based on the number of these types of personality-based quizzes in the internet/blogosphere, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has a penchant for exploring personality. Perhaps its just curiosity – does it really know me? Did it get me right? Can a quiz really figure out who I am? Can it tell me something new about myself? Or maybe it’s just a desire to connect with beloved characters. (What I would give to take a personality test that told me I was Veronica Mars!)

And Now Let’s Make It Personal

Whatever the reason, for me at least, it’s a bit of an obsession. Instead of trying to fight it, I’m embracing it! Actually, I’m blowing it up. I scoured the internet for personality quizzes and devoted a completely unhealthy amount of time doing it to come up with this list. (Drum roll please….)

The Pseudo-Essential, Super Amazing List of Completely Unnecessary, But Really Fun, Literary-Leaning Personality Quizzes!!!!

Fine print:

(Imagine this being said really quickly like a disclaimer at the end of commercial) The list has a bias toward K.L. Kranes’ book preferences, namely classics, fantasy/paranormal, YA, romance. It is also limited to literature, however many of these books may have been made into movies.

And, if you like personality quizzes too – like this blog – so I can prove to my husband I’m not the only semi-crazy personality test-obsessed person out there!

mash-upGeneral Quizzes About Book Characters

Which Famous Book Character Are You?

Which Young Adult Book Character Would You Be?

Which Classic Literary Character Are You?

Which Teen Book Heroine Are You Most Like?

Which Literary Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Quizzes Related to Specific to Books or Authors

(I also alphabetized these name, for your convenience. Yes, I have overactive organizational obsessions too. It’s probably easier to list the things that are NOT wrong with me than the things that are.)

Which Alice in Wonderland Character Are You?

Which Divergent Character Are You?

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Which Hobbit Character Are You?

Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?

Which Jane Eyre Character Are You?

Which John Green Heroine Are You?

Which Jungle Book Character Are you?

Which Mortal Instruments Character Are You?

Which Outlander Character Are you?

Which Percy Jackson Character Are You?

Which Rainbow Rowell Character Are You?

Which Roald Dahl Character Are You?

Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

Which Sherlock Holmes Character Are You?

Which Stephen King Character Are You?

Which Twilight Character Are You?

Take some tests that are actually fun and share your findings!! AND, Happy Friday!!!