Today I’m going to do something a bit unusual for me. I’m not writing a blog post. Instead, below is a link to a column I write for Bella magazine. I’ve never really been comfortable talking about myself or sharing my writing. When someone asks me about my books or other writing work, I squeak out an answer and try to quickly change the subject. (In fact, the best part about a blog is I can control the content and limit the conversation to the written word, a format where I am much more comfortable. Yep, unreformed control freak here…)

However, although I wrote it, the Bella column isn’t about me, it’s about young female writers! (While I am female and a writer, I am not young. Unless 40 is the new 20. If so, thanks to whoever decides that.) Each month I feature a new young writer and her accomplishments. Given I’ve written several columns now, my anxiety level regarding re-blogging the column has lowered to a gentle squeeze in my stomach rather than a nauseating spasm.

Therefore, below is an excerpt from the piece and link if you’d like to read it in full. I hope you do. The young woman I profiled, Emma Choi, is an accomplished young writer with a unique perspective.

Talking with 18-year-old Emma Choi of Vienna, Virginia, feels a bit like jumping into an episode of Gilmore Girls. If you are unfamiliar with the iconic TV show, it is about two fast-talking ladies who throw around references to things like pop culture, philosophy and books so quickly even the best viewers can’t catch them all.

During our phone interview, Emma’s words and ideas swirl so fast in my ear my nimble little typing fingers can barely keep up. When she starts listing off her writing resume, I have to ask her to stop and repeat. The list is long, especially for someone so young.

If you’d like to read more about Emma, please click here or click the link below.